*Photo by Jeremy Cowart

︎ von What?

TLDR; Multidisciplinary creator from Beantown / travel a lot / won some prizes / dig helping people.

Hello, how are you {rhetorically speaking}? My full name is Simon Philip Werdmuller von Elgg, but my friends call me Simon P. Werdmuller von Elgg—I’m a multidisciplinary creator and award-winning director from Beantown, Mass. currently based between LA, NYC and SJ.

Despite working in both the branding and film industries since 2008, I also somehow have over a decade of experience as a professional photographer. I currently serve as a creative director at Blacksmith Branding and develop films, NFTs and a fantasy novel series on the side. I’ve been fortunate to work with clients ranging from artists, national brands and celebrities to retirees and enthusiastic hobbyists; every one of them is passionate about the service they offer because they are doing what they love.

When I work with companies or individuals, I do so because I believe they deserve to be seen. Maximizing their potential is my obsession, and I will use any creative means to do so. Even if that means eating PB&J sandwiches into the wee hours, so help me, God.

Reach out to me here.

And I’ll eat some PB&J’s in your honor.
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