DEI Gear has 40+ years of innovation in tactical load carriage solutions engineered exclusively for the United States Military and it’s allies.

The Brief

Scope of Work
︎ Creative Direction
︎ Brand Development
︎ Identity Design
︎ Product Photography
︎ Motion Graphics Video
︎ Web Design (WIP)
DEI Gear needed a brand that represented the level of quality and professionalism that they deliver to their clients, who are some of the toughest critics in the world—various branches of the US Military. The equipment DEI Gear produces is built to protect and to last, so I set out to build a brand identity of equal resilience. 

For their product photos, I shot 100-megapixel medium format Phase One images at Stoodio One in Brooklyn.

The logotype for DEI was created to reflect their flagship invention, the 3DSR Buckle.

A simpler alternate logotype was created for certain use-cases.

Quality, Agility, Insight, Adaptation

Provide innovative solutions to enhance load carriage capabilities with our team of design and manufacturing partners; on time, on budget, top quality + excellent value.

Enhance the capabilities of people doing the hardest jobs in the harshest environments.

Reliable when it matters most.

Streamlined + Rugged
The video was designed in 4’s to celebrate the 40 years DEI has been in business, as well as the 4 millionth pack frame delivery. I created a musical arrangement combining a piece from Vivaldi’s 4 seasons with a military marching cadence in 4/4. The intro uses Sand, Mud, Snow, and Rain to illustrate the rugged, all season functionality of the gear.

The following section uses 3D models of all their shatter-resistant polymer products to demonstrate the volume of gear delivered as well as the sense that it has been delivered globally. Finally, the animation of the logo was inspired by combining the effect of mixing paint with the visual effect of camo.
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