Groups™ provides affordable, outpatient opiate addiction recovery with Suboxone and group therapy.

The Brief

Scope of Work 
︎  Brand Identity Design
︎  Imaging
︎  Book Design
︎  Print Design
︎  Merch Design
︎  Copy Editing
Groups was finishing the design of their first two offices when they came to us for branding. They had no brand identity other than a name and the design of their offices. They needed patients, their loved ones, and the medical community to understand what they offer, how effective it is, and what sets them apart from all the other treatment facilities in the country.

Photo + Video
Chris Cappy
Interior Design
Asquared Buildings & Objects

“When Simon began his work we had 2 offices; now there are over 100 in 17 states. We’re seeing about 10,000 patients per week and have engaged hundreds of thousands of patient encounters. While our success is primarily driven by the service we provide, Simon’s work has hugely influenced and strengthened our brand’s performance.”

—Jeff De Flavio, Groups CEO

Core Values

“We believe in improving healthcare for the under-served.”
“We are inspired by people brave enough to change their lives.”
“We are redefining the way recovery is achieved and measured.”
“We know time is of the essence.”

To balance warmth and professionalism, we incorporated the circular format of group therapy into the logotype and supplementary visual themes—such as the five pillars.

The art of Keith Haring proved to be an apt compliment; his work is simple yet profound, and speaks to the power of community. We did our best to emulate his style with the five pillars illustrations.
Personal Transformation
Medical Science

All 155 pages of the Ten Tasks book were hand-designed to offer both quick-read and extended versions of each chapter; read only the bold text, or dive in and get the full benefit of the details.

Written with the voice of those who’ve been through the tasks, this book is meant to be carried as a constant reminder of the work to be done.

Ample white space provides opportunity for patients to take ownership of the book by writing in the margins, marking up text, and drawing as a form of release.
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