London DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization operating in the web3 space as a champion of ETH culture and history.

The Brief

Scope of Work
︎ Creative Direction
︎ Brand Development
︎ Identity Design
London DAO is a leader in the generative art NFT space, a community of de-fi and gen-art lovers coming together to manage a treasury born from NFT sales of London GIFTS, London EMBERS, and $LONDON token.

The NFTs and London DAO grew out of Proof of Beauty Studio

The concept of building blocks matched with 1960s London counterculture inspired the colorful and playful marks seen above.

I worked closely with the DAO council to hone in on a style that represented their celebratory yet sophisticated nature. The image of the London pound symbol (£) was an essential form to communicate as a representation of the Ethereum Layer 2 Hard Fork. 
Culture, Stewardship, Design, Play

Design artful experiences that celebrate ETH culture & history.

Champions of ETH Culture

Celebrate Blockchain

Structured and Chromatic

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